#H2OPeople Activities

#H2OPeople Connect:

This is an ongoing team-building series to strengthen our team of #H2OPeople and create a shared experience. The initial year, teams of employees participated in a half-day, off site adventure activity that focused on teamwork and collaboration.


These events are outings that range from dinner to community projects to recreational walks. Employees meet new co-workers and create connections outside of work.

#H2OPeople Awards:

This new, annual award program reinforces our strategic priorities as well as the four focus areas. The awards are merit-based and peer-nominated! Five awards will be distributed annually.

Us Teaching Us Workshops:

Us Teaching Us is a workshop series created by GM/CEO Carla Reid. Employees lead the workshops and teach everything from meditation to painting. This monthly series has become a popular way to meet new co-workers and have FUN!

Take Your Co-Worker to Work:

This bi-annual event is a unique opportunity to learn what your co-worker does and how it connects to your position. Employees identify an individual to “take (or accompany) to work” and learn how both roles help achieve our mission of delivering clean drinking water.