The WSSC mission is to provide safe and reliable water, life’s most precious resource, and return clean water to our environment, all in an ethical, sustainable and financially responsible manner. We take our mission to heart. We understand that our success protects the health and well-being of communities, children, families, restaurant patrons, animals and the environment.

T. Howard Duckett

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T. Howard Duckett

Customer Service

WSSC values customer satisfaction and proper customer service. By continuing to adapt based on customer feedback and best practices, WSSC hopes future generations of customers think of great service when they think of WSSC.

Employee Commitment

WSSC is family for many employees; multiple generations of families work at WSSC.

Brandon Stewart’s mother worked at WSSC for more than 20 years. Stewart recalls running around the hallways on snow days when he was about 10 or 12 years old. Stewart began as a WSSC summer intern and now serves as one of four customer advocates.

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H2O People | Work.Thrive.Serve

Not a trending hashtag, #H2OPeople is a commitment – named by employees – to inspire employee engagement and to make WSSC a great workplace for everyone.

#H2OPeople tells the world who we are and what we do, as WSSC.

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1971Johanna Norris becomes the first woman appointed to WSSC’s Board of Commissioners and later is the first woman to serve as chairperson.
Johanna Norris
1972Lawrence Brooks Sr. is the first African-American appointed to WSSC’s Board of Commissioners. He had previously served as mayor of Fairmount Heights, Maryland.
Lawrence Brooks Sr.
1993Cortez White is named general manager, the first African-American to hold the position at WSSC.
Cortez White



2000WSSC appointed the first Latino (Portuguese), Manuel Geraldo, to the Board of Commissioners.
Manuel Geraldo
2001WSSC appointed the first Asian-American, Jinhee Kim Wilde, to the Board of Commissioners.
Kim Wilde
2016Carla Reid is the first woman named general manager of WSSC.
Carla Reid


Now a diverse workplace, the demographic makeup of WSSC reflects the changes in the diversity of the population of the two counties. African-American, Asian-American and Hispanic-American workers make up about 57 percent of the total workforce in 2017 compared to about 48 percent in 2000.





Other/Non Disclosed

Investing in Employees

Carla Reid

In 1986, Carla Reid joined WSSC in the water meter shop as a civil engineer. Her supervisor at the time, Emory Miller, told her that someday, if she continued to listen and do a good job, she would be the general manager. The seed was planted. His words inspired her always to be the first to raise her hand to take on new challenges and tasks.

Today, Reid makes history as the first female general manager in the organization’s 100-year history.

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Thomas Kelly

Retiree Thomas Kelly began his career as an equipment operator turning sludge into compost. As a high school graduate, Kelly knew he would have to increase his education and used WSSC’s Educational Assistance Program to keep moving up. “I had a lot of vocational and trade school … but I didn’t have college education.”

Under WSSC’s Talent Development Program that paid for his education, Kelly received his associate’s degree from Prince George’s Community College, his bachelor’s degree from Bowie State University and his master’s degree from the University of Maryland, College Park. It took him 15 years to graduate while working full-time and each step of the way he was able to move up the ranks at WSSC. Kelly eventually became the resident meter expert.

“At this point, I am trying to give WSSC a return on their investment in me the best I can.”

Dalila Perla

Dalila Perla, procurement specialist for WSSC at the Laurel headquarters, tells her story about first being hired:

“My husband and I bought a house in Laurel. I would jokingly point to the blue building and tell my son, ‘That’s where Mommy’s going to work.’ I knew it was the water building. Then I applied for the job and that dream came true.”

“I enjoy working here and want to retire from here. We have good benefits — there’s a scholarship program for the kids, wellness for employees and career advancement. That’s why people come here and never leave. And future generations end up here too ­— grandkids, nephews and wives. It’s very family-oriented.”


To provide the best service to its customers, WSSC aims for excellence at its filtration and treatment facilities. For decades, private organizations and government agencies have recognized WSSC for their commitment to providing safe drinking water and healthy wastewater services to the community.

WSSC earns the Wendell R. LaDue Utility Safety Award for outstanding and innovative safety programs in the water industry. Michael Lewis, Safety Unit Coordinator and Carla Reid, General Manager and CEO accepted the award.

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Willy Water

WSSC’s mascot, Willy Water, began life as the doodles of WSSC’s longtime spokesman Arthur Brigham.

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Honoring Their Own

Keeping the water flowing carries dangers that WSSC tries to mitigate, but sometimes terrible accidents happen. A memorial wall at WSSC’s headquarters carries the names of 14 workers who died from the risks of the job.

“To honor the memory of WSSC employees who died in service to our customers”

George Love
Roy Walter
Jerome Couplin
Alonzo Sharps
Harry Mobley Jr.
Leonard Dimes
Paul Butler
David Huffman
Michael Johnson
Charles Duckett
James Wray
Johnnie McBride
Paul Smith
Leland Grow
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